How to get barcode for your products

To obtain barcode for your products is necessary to:

A - Perform the request of the amount of barcode you will need.

- The amount of barcode corresponds to the number of different products that will sell.

B - Barcodes Production

- After the payment the barcodes will be issued and registered using buyer data.

C - Definitive Registration

- Along with the release of the barcode will be sent numeric tab containing the numbering of the produced barcodes and pre-registration data, as well as the operating instructions. This form contains fields that must be completed and returned to the accomplishment of the ultimate registry and accessories.


+ Information

What is a product barcode?
A barcode for use in a product is one that identifies the commercial item at a distributor or distributors chain.
How many barcodes will I need?
You should use a barcode to each different commercial product. Including variations of the same product as size, color, aroma, etc.

How will I receive my barcodes?
Your barcodes will be sent to the email address provided in your order after confirming payment made by PayPal. After confirming your order will be processed and within 3 working days will be sent the email containing your barcode. It must disable anti-spam filters to receive email from your order.

How is the control of numbering provided?
Every barcode number supplied by Digital Codes will be unique to your buyer with no numbering repeat already been given to another buyer, this is the guarantee of Digital Codes.

How can I pay?
Payments are made via PayPal.

My barcodes will expire? Pay new fees?
No. The barcodes will not expire, and there are not future fees.

Who is the Digital Codes?
Digital Codes is an organization that provides barcode for product identification which focuses on the provision of barcodes for small and medium users, being an independent organization, which provides barcodes own unique numbering and full compliance with the EAN 13 symbology.


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Barcodes are provided with exclusive digital certification.

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